Anahita Kianous

Life & Experience

December 09, 2014

I'm a very inspirational person. A motivated Landscape Architect with two Master’s Degree. I was trained as an Architect back home and worked as a designer & developer for over 10 years. After earning my license in architecture, I started my own firm and collaborated with engineers.

Always I explore outdoor connections between buildings and their neighborhoods. Later, I decided to study landscape architecture. I believe sustainable architecture and integrated design are improved by the landscape, which this combination can make a friendly design. I’m always thinking of people and their comfort life, and that I’m proving my skills to make a better solution. I'm very interested in other science data and always research for new criteria,  and always try to increase my skills.
I’m also very interested in natural developments approaches with a desire to take a step on new responsibilities and challenges. I’m capable improving a strong graphic design and have experienced many years working with construction documents and structural designs. My passionate is about innovative urban design solutions and to make different solutions by creating alternative sketches and drawings.  I understand codes very well and that can help me to work on difficult challenge designs.

For my master thesis research at Boston Architectural College, I taught myself by testing the waves on the coast, and I found such logo shapes created by currents; which are the main builders of the origins of coastal edge and its protecting components. The result was interestingly showed a created database as a module that can be used as a new Coastal Restoration, Revitalizing Resilient Landscape Planning, or Resilient Beachfront.

I am very interested in designing for outdoor activities. I do have a poetry collection about nature. The only time I can write about my feelings or paint and enjoy my time is when I'm sitting in a nice place outdoors. This exploration has helped me understand how well-designed landscapes contribute to experiencing outdoor activities.
The landscape architecture recently I designed is a health care for elderly people, which designed based on my poetry collections. The place is a Hearth Center in Brockton, Ma.
  • Here are some of my professional skills such as: 
  • Design residential and commercial complex.
  • Design & practice with science data and the implications of the latest technologies on design.
  • Digital Fabrication with a Natural Pattern, Geology, Mechanical Land Movements, and Data Visualization.
  • Work with GIS and Mapping, Grading & Details.
  • Specialist in Coding and Standards.  
  • Excellent computer and technical skills with advanced and detailed knowledge of SketchUp, AutoCAD, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.
  • Great studied of the design program. extremely detail oriented and have strong problem-solving.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and can function as well as a team member or as a team leader.