Anahita Kianous



Revitalizing Revere Beach, Ma is a case study to mitigate floods based on Bernoulli 's principle. This proposal projects an idea of connecting puddles with fissures a set of "Flute channels", which is my innovation design approach to transfer water from coast to wetland behind it. It helps to lower down the sea level in high tides and sudden tides. Retrofitting Revere Beach as a case study for flood Mitigate with a New Resilient Coastal Landscape approach started to study the watershed of the East Coast that includes three parts of North, Mid-Atlantic, and South Atlantic. Each has a flow that moves up and then inward to the east, in a concave pattern precipitated scale toward the north caused by the velocity of currents. In compare to the Pacific coast, this figuration came to appears as the convex pattern as the currents also are affected differently based on the climate and the land used materials.